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Contact: Doug Dahnke

Reindeer for Sale or Lease

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Crystal Collection Reindeer:

TB Accredited & Brucellosis Certified

  • 19 years CWD Monitored Status
  • Also featuring handcrafted-Knives by Simon

To learn more, visit our website at: or

20827 489th Avenue, Lake Crystal, MN 56055

Phone: 507-381-1718 (cell) or

Reindeer Express:

Visit the website at:

  • Our herd is TB accredited and a USDA licensed facility

Contact Info:

Contact: Ed and Sonya Benhardt
PO Box 311
Reardon, WA 99029

Phone: 509-990-1286 or

Reindeer Games Calving :

Read about the Reindeer Games Calving Philosophy & Natural Wellness Approach

Visit the website at:

  • TB Accredited/Brucellosis Certified
  • 12 years CWD Monitored Status

Jeff & Cindy Phillips – Reindeer Games
5751 East Waterford Rd, Hartford, WI 53027-9098

Phone: 262-305-7733 or

Rocky Hill Reindeer:

Great Reindeer at average prices and healthy reindeer available today!

Also offering sleighs for:

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Leasing

Call for current availability
Dogwood Farms, Knoxville, Tennessee

Phone: 865-405-8609 or

Santa's Second String Reindeer:

Visit the website at: santas2ndstringreindeer

Santa’s Second String/Locust Hill Farm Dr. Mike Cary

  • Quality Breeding Stock
  • TB Accredited
  • CWD Monitored for 19 years
  • Vaccinated

Contact Us!

Phone: 607-524-6163 or

Timberview Farm:

Visit the website at

  • Reindeer displays/Promotional rentals
  • Farm Field trips/Educational Outreach
  • Advertising Media use customized to your event
  • Oregon based/only work within Oregon
  • USDA/ODFW licensed

Phone: 541-933-1832 or

Whitetail Acres:

Reindeer for Sale and Display

Visit the website at

Contact Info:

Alice Priessman
Brookville, IN 47012

Phone: 765-993-0406 or

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