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    Alan Sell

    Seems we have a high count in our fecal tests but no signs of odd behavior. Recommendations for cleaning barn and meds Please!

    James Enos

    I’m only a year into it, but being in TN we have some experience in parasites. How high are the counts? We rotate wormers to keep from developing immunity. The vet (she has much reindeer experience) leads this conversation when we get high counts and makes a recommendation based on time of year and what we used last.
    We rotate Fenbendazol, Levamisole (Prohibit), and Panacure. We try to keep ours at 50 epg or less. When we get a bad run of them we strip the barn to the concrete, spray a mild bleach solution and let it sit, then rinse it out. It’s also important to pick up piles daily.

    Daryl Simon

    we have had good luck with dectamax. may have it spelled wrong.

    Alan Sell

    went from 24000 in a calf down to 1000 with ivermectin and panacure both at same time. Now trying levamisole. to get it lower. Others treated in herd one 1500, one 300 others 0.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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