Amy Kravitz

Farm Name:

Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Please describe yourself and what you do outside of the reindeer industry.

I am an artistic traveler with a passion for wildlife rehabilitation and connecting people with animals. I am both a biologist and the Director of Animal Care at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm outside Flagstaff, AZ. I am responsible for over 140 animals including many reindeer. One of my proudest achievements is being the English editor for the Chengdu Panda Breeding Center in China.

Please describe your reindeer operation. (How long have you been raising reindeer? Where is your farm located? What are your primary markets? Etc.)

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm is a zoo accessible to the public that opened in 1969 and have 26 different species of animals here. I have been caring for and intermittently breeding reindeer for 11 years now. I feel great privilege and deep responsibility to have been chosen as a caretaker of this highly revered species.

Describe any roles you have served on for your state and/or national association. (Committee member, officer, etc.)