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Big Gain - Reindeer Feed

Custom mixed reindeer food and other animal feeds.  Shipping available to multiple states.

About Big Gain:

Big Gain, Inc. is a feed company that knows there is more to producing feed than just the product. We pride for being a “management company” that not only manufactures quality animal feeds, but also provides enhanced services to its customers.

Big Gain, Inc. started out in 1973 with a truck driver, two mill workers, a secretary, and a run down mill in Mankato, Minnesota. Under the careful eyes of the founders, Elton Klaustermeier and Mark Hinton, along with their sons Tim Hinton and Kurt Klaustermeier it has blossomed to be a feed company servicing producers throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois. Big Gain has one main mill that run 24 hours a day 6 days a week. Over the past 40 years the Mankato mill has become technologically advanced. The original mill was updated in 1981. In 1991 Big Gain installed the Kahl expander from Germany becoming the first to use this technology in the United States. Another mill was added in 2006, bin capacity and a micro ingredient system were also added as Big Gain specializes in custom formulated diets. As our Mankato location buys corn from local producers, the newest mill also added an additional grinding leg to allow for a semi load of corn to be processed in about 40 minutes. Through innovation, unique thinking, and hard work Big Gain has achieved the highest possible production from its existing facility.

Over 200 employees and 100 dealers service customers in the Midwest not only by selling the product, but by being a partner to the farmer. Networks, record keeping, nutritional education and other resources are provided by Big Gain. Big Gain’s mission has always been to “Help Produce Food” by keeping the family farms in mind every step of the way. We continue to adapt to producer and industry needs with reliable, exclusive products and services to make producers large and small sustainable. All of us at Big Gain believe in more than the feed we produce, we believe in you

Big Gain, Inc
416 Mathews Street
Mankota, MN   56001

Phone: 800-795-1277

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