ROBA Membership

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Membership Information

A. Active Member: Any person, family, corporation who owns or breeds reindeer may become an active member of ROBA.

Members of ROBA are entitled to attend, speak, and vote, at the membership meeting of the association. When the qualification for one membership has been met by more than one person(family, corporation, or any other entity), all persons involved in meeting that qualification may attend and speak at the membership meeting, but only one vote may be cast on each ballot or hand vote of the membership. Members of a family who meet the membership requirements may each vote so long as each has paid individual dues. They shall also be eligible to hold elective office.

B. Associate Member: Any person, family, or corporation interested in the reindeer or it products may become associate member of ROBA and such is entitled to all privileges of full active membership except they shall have no vote nor shall they be eligible to hold elective office.

C. Honorary Member: Any person having made outstanding contributions to the reindeer breed may, upon nomination by the Board and election by the membership at any annual meeting, become an honorary member. As such they shall not be entitled to all duties, privileges, and responsibilities of active members including the holding of elective office nor the privilege of vote.

ROBA Member Benefits

Why should I belong?

  1. Represent owners to enhance regulations for owning reindeer and for display purposes
  2. Provide government information and constant changes in cervid laws
  3. Provide owners about reindeer import and export information
  4. Provide owners about reindeer health issues
  5. Attendance and participation at annual and regional conferences
  6. Access to other ROBA members for assistance and information on reindeer
  7. Friends that are made and bonds that are formed from year to year/networking with reindeer people
  8. Provide USDA updates
  9. Provide information from University of Alaska, Fairbanks research efforts about reindeer
  10. USAHA meeting representation
  11. Provide information from North American Deer Farmers Association collaborative efforts
  12. ROBA Reindeer registry
  13. ROBA website
  14. ROBA Facebook
  15. ROBA store
  16. ROBA advertising
  17. ROBA newsletter
  18. ROBA membership roster
  19. ROBA scholarship for member’s high school seniors
  20. ROBA health manual
  21. Fun, Travel, Experiences

Date of Membership:

 The effective date of membership shall be the fiscal year of January 1 through December 31.

A grace period of sixty (60) days will be in effect after that, allowing such time for members to send in their renewal dues before they are officially removed from the membership roster.  No member who is in arrears in payment of dues will be allowed a vote at the annual membership meeting.

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