Jeff Phillips

Farm Name:

Reindeer Games

Please describe yourself and what you do outside of the reindeer industry.

I have been married to Cindy for 43 years. We raised our two children (Jon and Jenny) in Oak Creek, WI. They have blessed us with 1 grandson and 4 granddaughters. I have spent most of my adult years helping to build a business that my partner and I founded in 1984 in Milwaukee, which now employs close to 40 people (Ultra Fiberglass Systems). My background is in design and manufacturing. I like to shoot trap when I have time and working on our farm, building and maintaining.

Please describe your reindeer operation. (How long have you been raising reindeer? Where is your farm located? What are your primary markets? Etc.)

We started with reindeer 18 years ago and been ROBA members for 20 years. We have an 1870’s dairy barn/farm with a log home in Hartford, WI. We breed reindeer to sell. We also do standing displays, parades, sleigh pulls, home visits, film and studio work. We also offer antler products.

Describe any roles you have served on for your state and/or national association. (Committee member, officer, etc.)

ROBA members were helpful to us in our early years and now and we are happy to be giving back.