Louise Sherwood

Farm Name:

Sherwood’s Reindeer Farm

Please describe yourself and what you do outside of the reindeer industry.

I am happily married for 30 years. I am proud mom of 3 adult children and an ecstatic nanny of 2 girls; newest being born November 2019. I work  as a PSW in a long term care home and have done this for 28 years. I also take care of my aging parents.

Please describe your reindeer operation. (How long have you been raising reindeer? Where is your farm located? What are your primary markets? Etc.)

We have been raising reindeer since 2004 when we started with 2; at the present we have 15 reindeer. We are located in Napanee, Ontario, Canada. It is halfway between Toronto and Ottawa. At present we focus on Christmas displays and selling our breeding stock.

Describe any roles you have served on for your state and/or national association. (Committee member, officer, etc.)

We have attended meetings and were active in getting CWD recognized and started in 2004. We educated our Government agencies as to the difference between reindeer and caribou with the help of ROBA members.