Dr. Michael Cary

Farm Name:

Santa’s Second String Reindeer

Please describe yourself and what you do outside of the reindeer industry.

I am a veterinarian that treats small animals, exotics and my Reindeer.

Please describe your reindeer operation. (How long have you been raising reindeer? Where is your farm located? What are your primary markets? Etc.)

We have had Reindeer since 1997 and been a ROBA member from the start. We are located in the central southern tier of NY. We do Reindeer displays, primarily locally and a few leases. We do sell calves in the summer.

Describe any roles you have served on for your state and/or national association. (committee member, officer, etc.)

I have been a ROBA Board for several years and help ROBA members with veterinary and health questions.